CHI SUN Company Limited is the leading fabric wholesale company in Hong Kong and Mainland China. We strive to deliver high quality fabric for over 20-years. Our management and operational teams have an unceasingly innovates attitudes, and always stay in front of the fabric market. By leading in the Greater China fabric industry, we continually deliver and introduce the world most popular fabric style, material and its spectacular design.


We focus on wholesale high quality "European Imported" curtain fabric, sofa lining, window sheers, print fabric, weave fabric and window decoration. A wide selection over 50,00 product catalogues is at your ease, suitable for all levels of customers and designers.

Eropean Brands

In Europe , our acting brands such as , Warwick and others US & European brands。


Business Network in Mainland China

We have been developing the China market since early 1980s. Tn the initial stage, the network only covers the Southern China and over the past 20 years, it has grown to cover the entire China footprint. We affirmed the China market potential by the impressive growth in both the economy and the human resources. We believe in science and its methodical management, and at the same time we also believe the foundation of human network is built in "Trust and Respect". We are creating an ultimate win-win environment with our long term partners. The result? Better products and services with greater business competitive edge and at the lower cost.


"Quality Product & Service" is our philosophy. We have our own logistic team which further promises our service level. Currently, our market covers mainly in Hong Kong and Greater China.